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ZOTAC x Sony Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City

Building hype across industries

Helping to generate hype for the launch of a new instalment in the Resident Evil Franchise and bring in a new audience.

The brief

​Working in partnership with Sony, we were tasked with generating hype for the upcoming release of the latest instalment in the Resident Evil film franchise, ‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City’. To capitalise on the hype for the upcoming release, limited edition computer hardware was created by ZOTAC.​

The message

​Resident Evil is an iconic series that first gained popularity and captivated fans in the gaming world, and the series is full of memorable moments. To recreate and capitalise on the positive interactivity of the series we created a themed photo booth for one of the UK’s biggest streaming social events – Twitch London. ​

The campaign

In conjunction with a booth at a Twitch community event, we ran a giveaway to win some of the ‘not-for-sale’ themed hardware including a graphics card and a mini pc.

Taking ZOTAC to the Twitch London event allowed for offline, direct conversations with consumers which had been otherwise halted due to Covid-19. The reception to the photo booth and giveaway was incredibly positive. ​

The results

It was the first-hand knowledge of the event and the demographic of the attendees from the Kuoda team that helped create a successful campaign. ​

Within the month the campaign was run the Zotac social media pages saw an engagement increase of over 50% across the board.​

Over 3,300 entries for the giveaway and over 4000% net follower growth across social media channels.​

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