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Our team is here to support your business in achieving its goals.

We do this by creating conversations with consumers, partners and peers to discover opportunities and set strategies.

We will create a story on how to reach your consumers best and how you can solve their problems.


Our understanding is born from our interests and extensive history within this space, we know how to position your brand to audiences because we ARE that audience.

We will maximise your impact in the market and into emerging markets. We have worked with the top companies within the tech and gaming industries and we can bring that expertise to your project. With a range of services available, our team can help your business achieve its goals and objectives through creative activations and outreach.

From events to influencers, social media content to media communications, Kuoda covers every aspect of PR, marketing and social media management.


We’ve spent years refining our process, which we apply to each client. Through this, we are able to really garner an understanding of our clients and their brand voice. It’s this voice that we take forward, not just to the communities on social media, but to conversations with media, event appearances and when developing activations.

We believe that a key pillar to a successful relationship is working together in a partnership, our voice is your voice.

What does that mean for you and your brand? We will take your message and develop a strategy to maximise its impact on the consumers and communities. Using this brand voice, we are able to apply our expertise to ensure the perception of the brand remains positive and at the forefront of consumers’ minds.


Bringing together individuals from different backgrounds has afforded a wealth of diverse talent being brought into this space. The team is made up of creative thinkers who have a wealth of knowledge & experience. We are former editors, industry insiders, marketing professionals, digital natives and gamers. We know exactly how to liaise with professional technology writers and influencers – working together as equals – with intimate knowledge of the industry and principles behind each new innovation.

The team is passionate about diversity and inclusivity within the gaming, tech and esports industries. The diversity of the team and their “one size does not fit all” way of thinking, directly complements the modern and tailored approach to PR and Marketing.


One of our strengths is our understanding and ability to identify your brand story – we take the time to understand your brand, goals and values.

From this research, we are able to identify how to position your brand to best reach your target consumer in an authentic way. In the ever-changing digital world, we keep ourselves on top of emerging channels, trends and communications.

Kuoda is passionate about technology and gaming. We have over 15 years of experience working within the industry and we pride ourselves on working diligently to understand your organisation and goals


We believe in community, not just consumers. Working alongside community leaders, such as influencers and content creators, allows for authentic conversations and product placements.

These collaborations enable us to foster a community tailored around your brand, reinforcing positive brand sentiments and also affording opportunities to tap into audiences who previously, may have been disengaged from the topic.

Let’s bring your ideas to life