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About Kuoda

PR, Marketing, Social Media, Community Management

For over 15 years Kuoda has been heavily involved in the tech, gaming and esports scene. At our core we’re creative facilitators, delivering engaging and data-driven campaigns and solutions.

Our mission is to help brands stand out or break into new markets through utilising a combination of our tailored strategy, industry insights and a genuine love of the industry at a personal level.

What sets us apart from other agencies? We live and breathe tech, gaming and esports. Our team is made up of creatives who understand the consumers in this space on a personal level.

Kuoda has had a rich, varied journey from its beginnings in 2006. Though it has evolved and adapted in many ways over the years, the core values have remained the same. Our journey has provided us with valuable insights that set us apart from our industry peers.

We’ve got in-depth experience in the sector and a passion for growth, innovation, and results. Going back to our roots allows us an opportunity to harness the knowledge and hands-on experience of the last 15 years and tailor it to many avenues.

Kuoda is an agency with a focus on consumer demand generation for consumer tech and gaming, our team live and breathe these industries. Working in partnership with us means having industry professionals onside to position your brands at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Let’s bring your ideas to life