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Samsung: T7 Shield SSD

Highlighting how rugged, portable and tough SSD’s can be

Modern working can take place anywhere. We helped position the Samsung T7 Shield as the perfect SSD for the worker on the go.

The brief

Introduce the new Samsung T7 Sheild SSD into the gaming and photography markets. The consumer focus for the selected product is aimed towards people that work outdoors in different climates, are on the go or working on location. ​

The message

Modern life can look like combining working on the go with the digital world. We wanted to hone in on the small size and the portability of the SSD whilst making sure that consumers understood that the size and rugged design didn’t comprise performance. ​

The campaign

The SSD market is competitive and inundated with choices. However, what drives consumers is awareness and trust by association.

Using key technical publications, we raised the profile of the T7 shield as a tough, super portable SSD, ideal for the worker on the go.

The results
  • A combined reach of over 118,453,367 total views​
  • Awarded recognition in the field of photography​
  • Coverage in 23 media publications​
  • Additional media outlets requested samples for reviews​

…a very compact, fast-performing drive and this latest Shield version brings added protection against water, dust and accidental drops


…an external solid-state drive that’s impervious to dust, rain, and tumbles. It’s a durable and secure choice for outdoor workers and travellers

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