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Samsung: Influencer Scheme

Building new relationships across generations

Utilising well-known influencers we reinforced positive sentiments towards Samsung Memory products.

The brief

Reinforce positive Samsung SSD brand sentiment with millennial and Gen Z consumers focusing on partnerships & loyalty. ​

The message

Samsung is one of the best-known brands in the world but as a global brand how do you create sentiment with your consumers? ​

Positivity towards a brand is not created overnight so our focus was to build long-term partnerships to grow sentiment and trust with the millennial and gen Z demographic.​

The campaign

Utilising a mixture of up & coming talent and established influencers we created the Samsung stream team. This team was spread across the two main gaming platforms to target millennials and Gen Z. The content was created across the main social & gaming media platforms to hit multiple touchpoints.​

The results

The target number of views for the scheme across a nine-month period was 4.5 million. Halfway through the campaign, we had already achieved over 3.5 million views across our influencers team. Our predicted final view count will exceed 5 million views.​

Our primary gaming influencer and streamers sponsored Samsung content accumulated over 2,072,837 views in the month of June alone​

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