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MSI: Women in Gaming Podcast

Real-life stories and experiences

A podcast created to highlight the challenges that women face in the gaming space, how to overcome challenges and how things can change.

The brief

Increase visibility on the issues that women face in gaming communities whether they are influencers, streamers, journalists, developers or any of the many careers women hold within the video game industry. ​

The message

We developed the ‘Women in Gaming’ Podcast series which was sponsored by MSI. The podcast would be managed and run by women in the industry who have all faced barriers or prejudice due to being female.

This broadcast would explore the issues, give real-life examples, ways to overcome them and ideas on how to change the industry moving forward.​

The campaign

The ‘Women in Gaming’ Podcast series was run in conjunction with MSI. The series was hosted on Twitch and ran for 6 hour-long episodes. Each episode was principally hosted by well-known gaming influencer Djari. Each week, Djari was joined by different guests, all from different corners of the video game community, including influencers, streamers and industry professionals.

​A range of different topics was covered during the episodes, including how each guest came to be within the industry, the guest’s individual experiences as women in the gaming industry, discussions around how the industry can make changes towards inclusivity and any advice they could impart to the audiences. ​

The results

​The podcast was a success in providing a safe space for women to talk about their own experiences online. The campaign highlighted prevalent issues which arise not only in gaming but across many industries. The ‘WIG’ podcast allowed others to reach out for advice and share support.​

​MSI as the corporate partner and sponsor of the podcast gained an elevated sense of brand trust by association and we were able to foster the community around the brand into one of inclusivity and diversity.

The combination of a dedicated social media campaign and an accompanying press release saw coverage of the podcast take over the first page of google for the hashtag #womeningaming and the episodes resulted in a total of over 350,000 views overall. ​

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