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Kuoda x Mental Health UK

Introducing Mental Health UK to communities in the gaming space

Through collaboration with content creators in the gaming and digital space, we raised awareness for the charity and the resources available.
The brief

Raise awareness of the Mental Health UK charity and the support they offer within the digital space. Create a safe space to discuss gaming, mental health and how often the two are linked. ​

The message

The charity’s focus for this campaign was to position itself within the digital space and highlight the support it can provide.

Mental Health UK is fighting to remove the stigma that surrounds many aspects of mental health.

Research has shown how people who are suffering from mental ill health can often feel isolated, alone and marginalised.

By creating a forum to talk about these subjects we hoped to reduce these feelings and highlight where support is available.

The campaign

Kuoda maximised the impact of this campaign by collaborating with brands, content creators and a top-end gaming studio to provide a platform to discuss Mental Health.

We utilised Twitter as our social media platform to raise awareness around the campaign as well as the charity itself.

Utilising the collaboration between us and our chosen content creators we were able to reach a larger audience who may have never interacted with the charity before. Through a collaboration with Sea of Thieves, we arranged a dedicated stream for the content creators and representatives from the charity to come together. We set up a “campfire chat” environment where our creators discussed subjects surrounding mental health and well-being.

The content creators were gracious enough to share their lived experiences with their own mental health and how gaming/communities found through gaming had impacted that.

The results

We introduced Mental Health UK across multiple communities on Twitch using content creators to create visibility for the charity.

We drove over 150k views across social media & Twitch for the campaign which also resulted in over £8.5k raised across four days of fundraising.

While the success of the project is detailed above through increased traffic and a brilliant final total, we are very proud to have been able to facilitate a campaign that was completely focused on mental health and supporting the well-being of the communities in the gaming space.

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