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ASUS ROG 6D Ultimate x ESL

Bringing the latest tech releases to engaged audiences

Combining the audience’s love of competitive gaming and the latest tech, we launched an esports tournament to a tailored audience.

The brief

Drive awareness of the new ROG 6D mobile phone launch across the UK, France & Germany. Create hype in these markets, particularly amongst esports fans who have a keen interest in mobile gaming and the latest tech.

The message

We positioned the phone as a high-end performance gaming phone which allows you to play the games you love on mobile whilst still getting top-level experience. We wanted to reinforce that playing on mobile does not diminish your experience.

A handful of titles dominate the competitive esports mobile market and we wanted to show the phone’s performance by using a top-end game. To amplify this message we took PC content creators & gamers that could showcase the mobile gaming experience and compare it to a desktop.

The campaign

We selected one of the top fps mobile gaming titles, Call of Duty Mobile and set up a competitive live event in partnership with ESL. This would be broadcast in two sections – casual & competitive. Content would be shown across Twitch and YouTube whilst simultaneously being amplified on social media channels.

To further penetrate these markets and raise awareness, we recruited top FPS content creators to build and lead teams at the event. They would utilise their social media & content channels to promote the event alongside taking part.

The results

​We successfully ran a live competitive event and influencer collaborations to raise brand awareness of the Asus ROG 6D. We drove 450k views across the two matches and highlights reels.

These were posted across Twitch and YouTube. Across social media, our posts saw over 60k impressions and 2k engagements.

Our giveaway saw just under 4k impressions with over a 30% conversion rate.

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